Male Banishing in Name of Feminism ?? Have a look at what Real Feminism is !!

Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women.

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Feminism has changed aspects of Western society. Feminist political activists have been concerned with issues such as individual autonomy, political rights, social freedom, economic independence, abortion and reproductive rights, divorce, workplace rights (including maternity leave and equal pay), and education; and putting an end to domestic violence, gender stereotypes, discrimination, sexism, objectification, and prostitution.


With the rise of a new wave of feminism across the world, a new generation of Indian feminists emerged. Increasing numbers of highly-educated and professional Indian women have entered the public arena in fields such as politics, business and scientific research.

Feminism is a noble concept, but what matters, eventually is the way it is being carried out.


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Feminist fight for their equal rights but all this goes for a toss the moment a women demands reservation. Yes they have been treated not equally for ages and yes they are not safe but taking the reserved seat in public transport will only increase the gap between the 2 genders. Taking reserved seats will not make men respect women but will send a message that she is weak. We understand why pregnant women, physically challenged and senior citizens need reserved seats – they’re physically weaker than the rest of us. But there’s no reason why a women needs to be given a reserved seat or a whole coach in the Delhi metro. A stronger security instead makes so much more sense.

We need to teach men how to stay with women, not staying away from them.


There is a way of saying everything.

The more you shout the less you’ll be heard.

And, that’s exactly where a lot of feminist have gone wrong. The only way we can make people understand the importance and relevance of women empowerment in the country is by discussing, not by shutting them nastily on social media. The so called ‘feminist’ outburst has been so aggressive lately; most people don’t even consider discussing women empowerment and thus, opening their minds towards it isn’t a good idea anymore, for the fear of being targeted.

We need to make people realise how patriarchal they are in their mindset, even if subconsciously, but with convincing arguments, not insults.

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You know the saddest part of being men is – you are been seen as a rapist, sexist  everywhere you go! Yes it hurts when you are been blamed for something you are not.

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Quoting all females out there, if a men shared his feelings for you that doesn’t make him a rapist. Society have this mindset for if a female is looking at a men she finds him appealing, but if men is looking at a female that means he is checking her out and trying to molest her. …. I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!!??? You (quoting females again) want to bring a mental revolution in our society right? Then here a deal!

Lets fight together for equality and live with harmony … Rather than trying to prove girls superior, innocent, victim in every case and start male banishing for all the previous suffering happened on girls for which you want to punish innocent men for you ego satisfaction. Pinched?(asking all fake feminists out there.)

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They want to be given equal opportunities but don’t want to work as hard as a man. It just brings a bad name to the idea of women empowerment.

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One of the main reasons why a lot of men don’t find feminism a genuine ‘revolution’ is because a considerably large amount of women who identify themselves as feminist switch sides as per their convenience. They want to be equal but they also want the sympathy of being a women.

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Please ladies! These types of encouragement is not feminism so please stop thinking this way.. Cheating on your partner doesn’t empower you. Neither turning into lesbians.

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OH Come On!! Discrimination is discrimination no matter which gender performs it. Same goes with males and Yes . . . for FEMALES Too!!


Oh God! So much to be repaired in the term Feminism/Male Banishment/Women Empowerment/Gender Equality. You might be thinking why I put all these terms together as if they mean the same… are you? Well if you are then good if not then you should :p.

In short I want to present that its on how we perceive these words and how we imply it in out lives and our society.

I hope I don’t get targeted now for sharing my opinion :p and let me clear this also that I am not against women or feminism, i am against ‘Injustice’ no matter with whom it happened.


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One thought on “Male Banishing in Name of Feminism ?? Have a look at what Real Feminism is !!

  1. Yes you are right now a days meaning of Feminism is taken in some wrong ways too. It doesn’t mean that every male is having bad intentions for their opposite gender. Well said!

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