My Trip To Manali

Hey guyzz i am back with another exciting experience i.e My Trip To Manali …

Just like any normal guy I too have many expectation like finding myself in snowfall playing snow games and how can i not forget the delicious food and specialties of manali ❤

Coming to my journey first day was really full of exciement and positive vibes all around.

Unlike everytime me & my family decided to try something new. Therefore we ended up travelling from bus ( for the very first time in lifetime ).

My family is personally not very social when in comes to trips and all so we added another family ( our close relatives ) to join us on this trip.

Bus journey was really amazing ( atleast for me ) and some small incidents like me and my bro accidently bumped into a couple behind our seat while we were adjusting our seat and they were just about to kiss. … :p.. I know .. Lol ..i believe that doesn’t affected their concentration at all :p . The girl was wearing red bangles and a little more accessories which tells me they are newly married couple. Well I didnt bothered them much after that. Overall i find bus journey an interesting part.

Me & My Dad ^_^

The next day we reached Manali in morning around 9:30 and lol happened finding myself in super hot sunshine ( Damn i expexted a pleasant weather welcoming me :p ). Ok so life is not always what we expect.

The day went well mostly resting sleeping and all. The real trip started the next day when we went to Solang Valley. What a pleasent weather it was ❤ specially the Snow ❤ ❤ . 

Tried this outfit for first time :p

It was one of the best experiences i ever had. I played in the snow till my body started paining and screaming for rest :p but still i was playing and playing. Sliding all over the snow reaching the top where no one reached :p. It was real fun.

Lil Sis ♥

The day was still on, we went to Manali Club House. It was all video games and stuff. Well i enjoyed the bull ride there :p.

Ya ya I am a kid ^ω^

After all the fun, the day was finally over and we all became a lazy panda :p.

The next day we had our plans ready but as i said Lazy Panda we were, unfortunately we had to cancel some of them coz we were behind the schedule :(. We did enjoyed River Rafting ❤ and it was so much fun as i love water soo soo sooo much <3. I guess i was the only one screaming at top of my voice and the one who got wet more than anyone else :p.

Only regret?..
I got tan 😦

Then luckily we were nearby Paragliding Area so everyone wanted me to do that because everyone was too tired & others were too scared :p. So… Paragliding <3.

I was flying 😮

It was soo amazing ♡(∩o∩)♡. I can never forget this day ever ❤

The next [ & the last day indeed 😦 ] we had to check out so all the fun was over. Still we managed to visit one of the oldest and famous temple of Manali ” Hidamba Temple “. It was a good place 🙂 and yep again i got something different to do :p.

I was pretty scared specially when it smashed his head at a person near by Σ(⊙▽⊙”)

There was a Yak at the entrance. I never seen one before. It looked so strong and big. I did managed to get a ride on it till the temple. It was white and beautifull horns. It was also fun ❤ and new to me.

Well that ends my trip. I had fun and i hope you also had fun reading it :).

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